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The Performing Arts have always been integral to the Roedean experience, from Junior House nativity plays in days gone by, to our show-stopping school productions, and the fiercely competitive House Dance, Drama and Music Competitions.

After leaving Roedean, many ORs have gone on to excel in careers in the performing arts, such as actresses Jessica Hsuan, Rebecca Hall and Marisa Abela, dancer Jane Chan, and producers Caro Newling and Rebecca Long - to name just a few!

Central to this, is our theatre, built in the early 1990s, through the incredibly generous support of our community. With 30 years of almost daily use, the current seating has served us well but is extremely worn and currently many of the seats are in an unusable state of repair. We therefore want to use the opportunity provided by a quieter summer for our theatre lets to move ahead with the refurbishments.

These refurbishments will mean that more audience members can enjoy each show, in greater comfort, with improved acoustics, and in a more energy efficient auditorium.

Roedean has a long history of our community generously supporting our desire to provide the best facilities possible. The School is able to fund most of the £370,000 costs, but we need your help to raise the final £75,000 to ensure that we can complete the improvements, and if we manage to raise even more, we can reallocate the School’s investment into other much needed capital projects.

So we invite you to Take Your Seat!

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All gifts, large or small will help us to reach our target of £75,000. If you would prefer to make your gift by credit or debit card, by cheque, or through your daughter's school bill, then please download our Gift Form.

If you are based in the USA, you can make a tax efficient gift through the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF), for more information on this, please visit their website: https://www.bsuf.org/donate.

To read more about the refurbishment project, and the different giving levels, please see the sections below, download our Brochure, or watch our appeal film:


“The Old Roedeanians’ Association is delighted as ever to support the Development Activities of the School. Plays, concerts and performances have long been an essential and enjoyable part of Roedean life, greeted with enthusiasm by girls, staff, parents and ORs. These events bring together girls from different houses and years, and foster in some a lifelong love of the performing arts either on stage or behind the scenes.”

Mary Henderson (No. 3, 1971-76), President, Old Roedeanians’ Association

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