Bursaries and Scholarships

Throughout Roedean's history the school has been proud to support girls with bursaries and scholarships. We are constantly looking to increase the level of support we are able to offer.

You can support this in two ways, either by donating to the ORA Scholarship Fund or by donating directly to the school, noting that you wish the donation to support the bursary fund. If you would like to donate directly through the school, please contact Grace Chaston, by email (glc@roedean.co.uk), phone (01273 667398) or post (The Roedeanian Office, Roedean School, Roedean Way, Brighton. BN2 5RQ).

The ORA Scholarship Fund

The Old Roedeanians’ Scholarship Fund was established 90 years ago to support pupils - where possible Old Roedeanians’ daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters - who might otherwise have had their education disrupted by unpredicted circumstances or misfortune.

Thanks to the generosity of Old Roedeanians, and careful investment, the fund has grown gradually. Donations are always gratefully received and are eligible for Gift Aid.

There is a preference for pupils at the School who are studying at 6th Form level, and the Fund finances the ORA 6th Form Award.

The Award is means-tested, and Award holders are selected by the School.

If you are an Old Roedeanian and would like to donate towards the Scholarship fund, please contact the ORA Treasurer.

Registered Charity No. 1066599

I have been overwhelmed by the interest that the Old Roedeanians have shown in me and I am sure that their encouragement has helped increase my confidence since starting my A levels. My hope for the future is to use my interest in science to help with my passion of conserving the environment and I feel that my ambition can be reached with the support of the people around me including the Old Roedeanians' Association.

Isabella Amis, House 1, 2009 - 2016