The Roedeanian Office


We work with all stakeholders of the School to build a supportive network around Roedean.  We do this through the Roedean Community Network, The Roedeanian magazine, monthly e-newsletter, reunions and events, and through professional networking, career support and mentoring. 

We are always delighted to hear from members of the Roedeanian community whether it is to arrange a visit, give an update on what they are doing, get back in touch with friends or to arrange an event. We will always do all we can to help and support our students, not just when at School, but for life. 

We are also always keen to welcome Roedeanians back to share their expertise with the students. If you would like to give a talk or lecture about your work or life experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact us individually with the details below, or email The Roedeanian Office on

Meet the Team

Grace Chaston – Head of Alumnae Relations 


Tel: 01273 667398

Grace runs alumnae relations at Roedean and is the main point of contact for all members of the wider community. If you would like to arrange or attend events, visit the school for nostalgic reasons or to support the current girls with talks and mentorship, or wish to rekindle your contact with Roedean or other Roedeanians in any way, then do get in touch.


Harriet de Bene – Communications Manager (Alumnae and Governors)          


Tel: 01273 667588

Harriet is responsible for developing communications for the Roedean Community, primarily through articles on the Roedean Community Network (RCN), the monthly newsletter and The Roedeanian Magazine. Please contact Harriet if you would like to contribute either an article or obituary for the magazine, or if you would like to be featured in the Virtual Bookshop or Business Directory on the RCN.


Sophie Osborne - Alumnae Relations Administrator


Tel: 01273 667398

Sophie supports Grace in the Roedeanian Office. In particular with maintaining the database and managing event registrations. Please contact Sophie to update your contact details if they change.


Lesley Morrill – ORA Liaison Officer


Tel: 01273 667574

Lesley act as a liaison officer for ORA enquiries. She assists in the organisation and adminisitration of OR events and provides tours of Roedean for Old Roedeanians and their families. This experience has provided Lesley with a unique overview of life at Roedean.

'I have had the opportunity to meet many Old Girls who have re-visited the school. It is always interesting to hear about their experiences since leaving Roedean and the changes in school life they notice from when they were here.'


Jackie Sullivan – School Archivist


Tel: 01273 667612

Jackie manages the Archive collection at Roedean. She has worked here since 2003 and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, the Archives & Records Association and also the School Archivists’ Group. As well as dealing with historical enquiries about all aspects of life at Roedean, Jackie collects and catalogues Archive material, arranges displays for key school events, and provides talks and school tours to local community groups.

'Our Old Girls have donated a fascinating collection of items and records to our archive which has helped us document and bring to life the rich history of Roedean.'

Jackie is always looking for new exhibits, so please contact her if you have any photographs or materials which you would like to donate. Alternatively, Jackie can make a copy and return the original safely to you.