At the end of September every year, Roedean remembers the Lawrence Sisters and all ORs and former staff we have lost throughout the previous year at our Founders' Day and Commemoration Service in the School Chapel. The service this year is on Friday 27th September.

Friends and family are invited to publish announcements on this page by emailing the Alumnae Office. Announcements will remain on the website until the person has been remembered at the service and friends and family will be invited to join us at the service. If you would like to attend to remember somebody named below, please email

If you wish to submit a full obituary for a future edition of The Roedeanian, please contact Harriet de Bene.


Roedean School regrets to announce the following deaths:

Sylvia Talbot Rice (Metaxas, No. 2, 1944-48) - Old Roedeanian

Mary Chevallier (No. 3, 1939-45) - Old Roedeanian

Vida Mary Koefman (Pickles, No. 4, 1941-44) - Old Roedeanian

Fiona Macdonald Hull (No. 1, 1960-68) - Old Roedeanian

Hilary Harding (Hogg, No. 2, 1957-63) - Old Roedeanian

Gabrielle Mew (Burton, No. 3, 1959-64) - Old Roedeanian

Esther South (Cumberlege, No. 4, 1932-36) - Old Roedeanian

Elizabeth Roney (Hale, No. 3, 1939-45) - Old Roedeanian

Patricia Gordon-Hall (Laird, No. 1, 1944-50) - Old Roedeanian

Sheila Barker (Scott, No. 3, 1940-47) - Old Roedeanian

Susan Osborne (Bond-Williams, No. 2, 1958-1966) - Old Roedeanian

Jean Swales (Vines, No. 2, 1941-49) - Old Roedeanian

Philip Clancy (1992-2018) - Former Staff

Adrienne Stuart (Le Fanu, No. 2, 1945-50) - Old Roedeanian

Patience Grant (Bisset, No. 3, 1944-48) - Old Roedeanian

Ray Maulkin (2011-18) - Former Staff

Frances Patricia Haselhurst (Spedding, No. 1, 1934-39) - Old Roedeanian

Lily Reitlinger (Brach, No. 1, 1943-51) - Old Roedeanian

Mina Topley-Bird (No. 4, 2006-11) - Old Roedeanian

Elizabeth Susan Child (Locket, No. 2, 1955-61) - Old Roedeanian

Ermyngarde Thom-Postlethwaite (Spedding, No. 4, 1932-1937) - Old Roedeanian

Please click here to see a copy of the Order of Service from the service in September 2018.

The school is not responsible for the content of the announcements and cannot guarantee that all deaths will be recorded on this page.