Old Roedeanians' Association

The ORA AGM 2019

This was held on Monday 28 January at the Caledonian Club, SW1. The AGM was from 6 - 7.30 pm and we were delighted to have so much more time than we have had in previous years. This allowed for many interesting questions from the floor and a spirited discussion. The AGM was very well attended and was followed by a Reception in the Library where we had Prosecco and canapes.

We were very pleased that Roger Sanders, the Chairman of Council, Anne-Marie Martin, a member of Council, Richard  Poffley, the Finance Director, John Fawcett-Ellis, Clerk to the Council, and Grace Cather and Harriet de Bene from the Alumnae Office, could join us. It was a very successful and enjoyable evening. Many thanks to everyone for coming.

The Minutes of the ORA AGM 2019

The Minutes are available on request from the ORA Membership Secretary, Lois Johnson membership-secretary@oldroedeanians.co.uk.

ORA Committee

  • Ginny Stephen - President
  • Mary Henderson - Vice President
  • Lois Johnson - Membership Secretary and Vice-President
  • Erica Faircloth - Treasurer
  • Robyn Crabbe - Networking and Editor of current OR Magazine
  • Gillie Smellie - Events
  • Harriet Scott - Events and sports fixtures
  • Noelle Chase - ORA Heritage Projects

Old Roedeanians' Scholarship Fund Trustees (ex officio):

  • Emma Smellie
  • Wendy Challen
  • Rosemary Eaton
  • Kate Coker

Please click here to find out more about the OR Scholarship Fund.

Regional Representatives:

The Aims of the Old Roedeanians' Association (the ORA) are:

  • To keep alive the spirit imbued by the Founders of the School.
  • To uphold the reputation of the School.
  • To provide support and assistance to the School.
  • To provide a link between ORs and the School, and with each other.
  • To support the OR Scholarship Fund.
  • To hold reunions and social events to foster and encourage friendship and support

Membership of the ORA is open to any girl who has been a pupil at Roedean School for at least two years.

The ORA is a member of AROPS (the Association for Alumni Societies)

The OR Magazine

For a glossy look back at the activities of the year, and to keep in touch with ORA news, including successes, graduations, engagements, marriages, birthdays and reunions.

Those who would like to subscribe to, or receive a single copy of the OR Magazine can place an order online via the Roedean Community Network here. Alternatively, if you prefer to send a cheque, please contact membership-secretary@oldroedeanians.co.uk for an order form.

Please email your contributions for the next OR Magazine to the Editor on magazine-editor@oldroedeanians.co.uk.

The 2018 issue of the OR Magazine is currently in preparation.

The current 2017 issue was published earlier this year and is still available.

ORA Facebook

This is used by members, including the Alumnae Office, to post their news and notices, and inform members of forthcoming events.

Please note the rules for posting on Facebook (no swearing, no personal attacks, no personal accusations of any kind, nothing inflammatory or overly argumentative).

If there are any problems on Facebook, please contact one of the Moderators who are the following: