Roedean School Limited

To ensure Roedean’s continued success and to put the School on a firm foundation following the retirement of the Lawrence sisters the School moved from being privately held by the family to a limited company. The School was incorporated in 1920 as Roedean School Limited under the Companies Acts 1908 to 1917.

Roedean School incorporated by Royal Charter

To further promote the School and to enhance its status as a leading independent school for girls a petition was made to King George VI to grant the School a Royal Charter of Incorporation. His Majesty granted the School a Royal Charter on 14th December 1938.

Writing at the time, Sir Paul Lawrence (brother of the founders) said:

“The grant of a Royal Charter to a Public School proclaims to the world that it is a first-rate school in every respect. It behoves everyone interested in its success to redouble his or her effort to keep up its high tradition and good name and make it more successful than ever.”

With the Royal Charter the School changed from being a limited company to a corporation. The Royal Charter laid down the new Corporation’s objects and byelaws. The objects included “a School for Girls in which they may receive a sound education including physical and moral training.” The byelaws stipulated how the School would be governed. The members of the Corporation were termed Governors and the business and affairs of the Corporation were to be managed by a Council.

The Corporation holds an Annual General Meeting at which members (Governors) consider the annual accounts and report of the Council and election of the auditors. The members (Governors) of the Corporation are responsible for appointing a President and Vice-Presidents of the Corporation.

All Governors are either Old Roedeanians (“ORs”) or members of the Council.

Since 4th August 1966 the School has been a registered charity. The members of the Council are the charity's Trustees.

The current President of the Corporation is Lady Patten of Barnes OR, and her Vice-Presidents are Dr Jean Peacey OR and Mrs Sheila Fowler-Watt OR.

The Interim Chair of Council is Vivien Smiley OR and the Vice-Chair is currently vacant. The Clerk to the Council is Dr Helen Mawby.