Governors' AGM 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Roedean Governors' Annual General Meeting will take place at The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street, London on Wednesday 6th May at 6pm. More details and agenda to follow.


Governors' AGM 2019

The 2019 AGM of the Corporation of Roedean School was held on 11th March 2019 at 6pm at the Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin St, London SW1X 7DR. The AGM was attended by 72 Governors. The meeting was chaired by Roger Sanders OBE, Chair of the Council of Trustees in the absence of Lady Lavender Patten OR, President of the Corporation who gave her apologies.

The procedure and business of the AGM was carried out in conformity with the Royal Charter, the Meeting:

  1. Approved the Minutes of the AGM held on 19th February 2018;
  2. Accepted the Annual Report and Accounts that were presented by the Chair of the Council of Trustees and Chair of the Finance Committee respectively;
  3. Re-appointed the Auditors, Crowe UK for a further term of twelve months;
  4. Elected three new Trustees to the Council of Trustees. 

The Election

A total of 1,262 votes were cast from the 72 Governors present plus 351 proxies. The clerk acted as the returning officer with assistance from: Kathy Cowell OR, Trustee; Mary Henderson OR, Vice-President of the ORA; and Teresa Outhwaite OR, Trustee. Votes were cast as follows:

Lulu Dale 335
Rosemary Eaton 97
Frances Graham 207
Claire Jenkins 222
Camilla Nightingale 198
Vivien Smiley 203


Therefore, the following were duly elected to serve as Trustees: Lulu Dale, Frances Graham and Claire Jenkins.

Kindly note that the Minutes of the 2019 AGM will be made available as soon as possible.

The 2020 AGM will be held on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

2018 Annual Report 

Please click here to view the 2018 Annual Report and Financial Statements.