The Roedeanian Society

Everyone who has been through Roedean, in whatever context, is a member of the Roedean Community. Our community includes past and present pupils, parents, grandparents, staff, governors, local residents, businesses and organisations.

The community is made up of different people with different interests. These range from the Old Roedeanians' Association, representing 6,500 alumnae and past staff to the Parents Guild, representing current parents and fundraising for current students at the school. However, all the groups have the Roedean link in common, and all groups exist to benefit Roedeanians in some way.

At Roedean we recognise the vast amount of excellent work all these groups are doing individually, and we aim to support that work through providing a central platform for coordination and communication. Under this section you will find links to all the different groups, including their committee members and contact details.

If you would like more information on one of the groups or would like to get in touch with alumnae team for any reason please email: We look forward to hearing from you.

“During my time at Roedean, I always remember forming goals and ambitions about the future. Whether it be the speakers on Speech Day or the newspaper and magazine articles posted around school about the success stories of alumnae or even the older girls, there was never a shortage of role models to look up to during my seven years here. This helped me to become driven and motivated, and to aspire to become successful in the future.”

Former Student