Pastoral Care

At Roedean, we place student welfare at the heart of school life, believing that academic success stems from the strong foundations that excellent pastoral care provides. We prepare our students to leave school as confident, independent individuals, who are well-equipped to meet life’s challenges and opportunities head on.

The care that we offer is bespoke and student-centred. We recognise that each student, family, and situation is unique, and we respond with individualised strategies for support. Collaboration and communication are prioritised: we know that our students do best when they see their school and family working together to support them.

We believe that excellent pastoral care ensures that every child can thrive, regardless of circumstance, and we strive to remove barriers to access, levelling the playing field and enabling inclusivity for all. Each student at the School benefits from our pastoral provision in different ways and at different levels, and we recognise that a child’s circumstances and background are not their defining features. Our holistic provision is not based solely on troubleshooting or problem-solving. An individual student might rely on support throughout their time at the School, or they may need extra care and attention for a defined period. Others might never require specific support, but will benefit from the open and inclusive culture they find themselves immersed in each day.

Above all, we take responsibility for the students in our care, and teach them to take responsibility for themselves. Although our approach remains non-judgmental in all situations, we hold girls to account and expect them to take ownership of their actions and choices. Our students understand that everyone makes mistakes, and that what matters is how we respond, the humility we show, and our ability to see missteps as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our team understands that behaviour is always a form of communication – both good and bad – and our students learn that their past does not dictate their future.

Many schools understand the benefits of excellent pastoral provision, but at Roedean it is truly ingrained in our culture. Our team of Housemistresses, Heads of Year, Nurses, Counsellors, and Senior Leaders are all experienced and passionate about delivering excellent pastoral care. Every member of this team receives advanced Safeguarding training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to keep our students safe. We have four Pastoral Managers, each of whom is available to the girls every day for support, advice, encouragement, and care. Our community of day and boarding students allows for an outward-facing, inquisitive, and inclusive culture, where girls learn how to form strong relationships with peers from all over the world. Student voice is encouraged and heeded: recent initiatives proposed and delivered by senior students include the provision of free sanitary products in all the school toilets, the creation and implementation of a ‘green’ school policy, and the formation of a school food bank supporting local families in Brighton. Roedean students learn that their opinion matters, their voice is heard, and they have the ability and power to bring about positive change.

Mission Statement

1.      Pastoral care is at the heart of what we do and at the heart of every student’s success: we understand it, we care about it, and we prioritise it.

2.      Our school culture is grounded in holistic and embedded pastoral care. This provision is understood by every member of staff and accessed by every student.

3.      We take responsibility for our students, and we teach them to take responsibility for themselves.

Student Outcomes


Academic Success
Emotional Intelligence       
Resilient Self-Support
Balance and Contentment
Compassionate Relationships
Communication Skills
High Expectations
Willingness to Challenge


ISI Report November 2021 - "An open culture"

"The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent."

"Pupils of all ages demonstrate a tangible maturity and depth in the quality of understanding about their own personal growth, having many opportunities to develop this."

"Pupils are keen for their voices to be heard within the school but are accepting that there are often different views to their own."

"In discussion they emphasised the importance of kindness, fulfilling the school’s aim that they should develop a generosity of spirit, tolerance and compassion."

"Boarders can clearly articulate the benefits which they feel the boarding experience brings to them. They show empathy towards each other and are inclusive of others in lessons and in their social relationships."

 "Their willingness to cooperate does not prevent lively discussion, where pupils feel able to disagree and give alternative or opposing views, confident that outliers are given equal heed as mainstream views."

 "Pupils contribute enthusiastically to the community and gain significant confidence and self-esteem from opportunities to share their time."

 "Respect for diversity and other cultures is excellent and a strength of the school."


What the Pupils Say…

"At Roedean we are nurtured to become the strong independent women we will grow up to be. We have a pastoral community who will always go out of their way to support you.”


Kate Shortell, Pastoral Prefect (Year 13)

The Pastoral Team

Students smiling and listening to a teacher in a Chemistry lesson
Student feeding a sheep on the farm
Pupils smiling as they open exam results