Roedean is the girls’ home from home – we know that girls who are happy and relaxed in their environment will flourish and be successful.


House spirit is strong at Roedean – you’ll work that out pretty quickly when you arrive!  Each girl is part of a House, and each House is part of the school.  There are four Houses in the main school, which are almost identical, as well as two Houses for girls in the Sixth Form – each House has its own colour which is at the heart of its identity, and this is never clearer than in the numerous inter-House competitions, with coloured pom-poms and face-paints, and House chants.  This friendly rivalry produces a sense of camaraderie and community which inspires you to learn, grow and achieve together.

Whether you are a day girl or a weekly, flexi- or full boarder, you will be fully integrated into your boarding house, which combines the heritage of the original elements with contemporary features, so that modern showers can be found next to original light fittings in the bathrooms, tea-pot lampshades shine down on original wooden flooring, and modern furniture sits beside an original fireplace in the Drawing Room.  The facilities are amazing, and the refurbishment of Houses 1-4 has been described as “the swankiest … in the world.”

  • The six day and boarding Houses at Roedean, along with a well-structured programme of House matches and events, enable every single girl to feel part of a team and take part at a level with which she feels comfortable

  • The eagerly anticipated end of year Sports Day encourages a healthy air of competition and friendly rivalry, as well as providing that sense of camaraderie and community which inspires the girls to learn, grow and achieve together

Sixth Form

Keswick and Lawrence are two Houses for girls in the Sixth Form which have undergone a £1.5 million development and refurbishment.  They are a little removed from the main school building, and this gives you more independence, so that you can develop some of the skills which will help you after you leave the school.  You will have greater responsibility and learn to manage your time well.  Despite living in a different boarding house in the Sixth Form, you will also remain fiercely proud of your connection to one of Houses 1-4, and represent these Houses in events and competitions.

  • Keswick has the privilege of its own Dining Room, where healthy and high-quality food is served to the Sixth Form girls. 

  • Sixth Formers also have greater flexibility in being able to leave the site after the school day, should they need to go into Brighton to buy something or to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Weekends Programme


Students playing with Jenga in a boarding house OCR
Dance performers looking up and wearing green sequined costumes
Students sitting and talking in a boarding house ODR
Students competing in hurdles on sports day
Students holding doughnuts and smiling in a boarding house ODR
Students enjoying tea in the boarding house common rooms
Students onstage during House Play awards
Students performing onstage with gold lighting