A Day in the Life

A Monday in Year 7

I meet my friends at the bus-stop and jump on the Roedean minibus at 7:45.  As always, Mr Costello is smiley and cracking jokes, so the short journey goes by really quickly.  We register with our tutor and then go to Assembly together.  My tutor-group led it last week, and we talked about whether we could manage a day without technology and that maybe we don't communicate as well as we used to.  My friend Mary's doing it this week – it's funny to see my friends up on stage, but interesting too.  We always talk about the topic of Assembly more in tutor-time tomorrow, as well as looking at the BBC News Channel on the board with Miss Maguire.  After Assembly, I have English, then History – Mr Chamberlain is great and he loves History so much that it makes me love it too!  It's taken a while to get used to lessons that last 55 minutes – it seemed like forever at first, but now it's okay, and you can get lots done.

Lunch is in the Main Dining Room, which is right by my House, so I drop my bag off, then go straight in.  It’s nice that my year-group all sits together with our tutors and Head of Year.  Feeling relaxed at school and having so many friends is what makes Roedean so fantastic.  In the afternoon, I have Drama with Miss Dobbs (she’s my Head of Year too), and we’re doing Musical Theatre at the moment.  We are preparing for a show which is coming up soon by learning the lyrics of ‘Like the Sunshine’.  When we know the words, we’ll start to work as a group on the dancing.  It’s going to be amazing.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow – I’m doing debating club in my HHH programme at the moment, which is interesting because we cover some really juicy topics.  Mary’s doing Sign Language and says it’s great, so I think I’ll choose that or cookery next term.

After registration at 4:15, I go to Hockey Club with my friends on Mondays.  Our coach, Miss Crawley, is teaching us different ways of hitting the ball, and dribbling too.  My hockey’s got so much better recently, and I really hope that I get into the B team this week for our away fixture.  Sometimes after school I try to get ahead with my homework, and I can always go to a clinic at 4:30 to speak to my teacher if I don’t quite understand something.  Being in senior school has really helped me to manage my time better, and every day I have to decide whether to do one of the afternoon activities or get my work done instead.  All that sport makes me really hungry, and it’s chicken and sweet potato chips for tea, my favourite.  The school buses leave at 6, and I’m home by about twenty past, with all my homework ticked off in my planner, so I can just relax for the evening with my family.  I’m really loving my first year at Roedean, and I’ve made so many friends – it’s brilliant!

A Year 9 Boarder's Weekend

It is so nice to wake up a little later on a Saturday morning.  Last night was brilliant because we had a movie and pizza night in House 2 – it was fun having everyone together, all my friends, and some House Staff too, having some down time in front of a good film and eating pizza and garlic bread.  Saturday breakfast runs from 9 till 10, and we can just get up and put on some casual clothes, and then go down to the ODR.  Although ODR stands for Old Dining Room, this is about a close as it gets to a dinner, because it’s really just a common room, but there’s nice atmosphere and the smell of toast. 

After breakfast, Grace normally goes horse-riding, but I love to have a little time to relax and take it easy.  But it all changes after lunch, and every Saturday Alex and I jump on the minibus that takes us into Brighton for shopping.  It’s good if you need to buy a birthday present for someone or need some shampoo, and I like the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit too.  In the evening there are trips sometimes, like last weekend, when some older girls went to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra performing at The Dome, or we can sometimes order a take-away to be delivered – the food at school is great, but there’s nothing better than a take-away pizza!

What Sunday looks like depends on whether I choose to go on one of the trips or not.  If not, there is brunch till 11 which is fantastic.  The afternoon is a good time to finish off some homework, so three or four friends and I normally get together in the Hobbies’ Room and work on the big table in there.  I like it because you can take a quick break and just look out of the window at the sea – it’s really calming!  In the middle of the afternoon, we have cakes, fruit, and sandwiches in the ODR, and that keeps me going till tea.

Sunday trips leave at about 8:30 in the morning, depending how far away they are.  Next weekend is Harry Potter World, and I actually cannot wait till Sunday.  It will be amazing, and four or five of my friends who are day-girls are coming back into school to go on the trip too.  I know that we are going to have a fantastic time.  I went on the same trip last year, and I loved walking on the sets from the films and seeing props and costumes – I’m so excited and really can’t wait to see it again.  The big trips take the whole day, but it’s really worth it, and I know that I wouldn’t have gone to half of the places I’ve been to if I wasn’t a boarder.

The last thing to do is to get myself ready for next week, so I get organised and make sure that I’ve done all the prep I have.  It’s not long before the weekly boarders from London arrive back with Miss Boobis, and then we can catch up on what’s been happening.

A Typical Friday in the Sixth Form

I get the school bus, so I have to be at the bus stop on the main road at 7:35.  Friday morning's begin with Chapel, so we register with Mr Higginson, then we all go over together.  We're up in the Gallery, and Mr Blond normally gives a quick introduction, then a member of staff leads the service, with some girls reading out poems or relevant extracts.  I have French first period, and it's great because there are only three of us in the class, so the pace of the lessons is just right.  I know that I am really lucky to have almost personalised teaching, and I can also find my teachers any time after the school day if I want them to go over something I haven’t quite understood.  After French, I have Psychology which I love too. I hadn't done it before, so I was a bit nervous in September about choosing it, but it's great and Miss Alexander explains things in a way which I get straight away.

I go back to House at break, and then to the Library or the Old Ref because I have a Study Period after break.  I always try to be really productive in this lesson, so that I can get ahead, and maybe even free up some time at the weekend.  In actual fact, this week I was touring a prospective Sixth Former and her family around the school, and the school looked absolutely amazing – the sun came out, and it was gorgeous looking out across the English Channel.  She asked lots of questions, and her parents commented on the happy and positive atmosphere in the school, which is something I remember noticing when I first visited too.

Period 4 on Fridays is the weekly Sixth Form Lecture, which I really enjoy because it is something different to my normal lessons.  We usually find out what the lecture is about earlier in the week in tutor time, when we have the chance to talk about the topic a bit with our tutor.  Last week's was on anti-radicalisation, with a great speaker from the Quilliam Foundation in London – she was really normal and I definitely left the lecture knowing miles more than I did when I went in!  This week, the speaker is talking about charity work, which will be really good because I feel strongly about it.  On Wednesdays, we all take part in the Community Action Programme, and my group is working on a project to raise funds for disadvantaged children.

Friday lunch is fish and chips, of course, and then I am going straight to see Mr Homer for a meeting about my university plans.  I am going to Cambridge to have a look around the university in two weeks, to get a feel for the place.  I hadn’t really thought about aiming quite so high, but I have been going to Ms Kazem’s Scholars’ sessions on Monday lunchtimes and I have found that I really enjoy analysing things in depth and the discussions that we have.  It is certainly helping me to refine my thinking about what I want to study at university too, which is a relief!

After periods 5 and 6, I touch base with my tutor again, and we chat briefly about how the day has gone – I can’t stay for too long though, because I know that it’s chocolate cake in House tea on Fridays, and I have to get to hockey training too.  Training is intensive, which is a good job because the wind can be bracing.  The session normally lasts an hour on an astro five minutes from school – it’ll be great when we have our own in the school grounds, which is happening soon.  The day-girl buses leave at 6 on the dot, and it only takes me about twenty minutes to get home.  There’s no doubting that a school day at Roedean is a busy one, but I love being able to pack so much in – it’s great!

Two students holding pieces of art in the studio
Swimmers about to dive off the starting block
Dance performers looking up and wearing green sequined costumes
Students smiling whilst playing violins
Student feeding a sheep on the farm
Performers in the 'Oliver' play onstage
Students dancing in black and white costumes
Students looking down in a cooking lesson

What They Say…

Girls all - unconsciously - smile when asked about life at school. Endorsement doesn’t come much more authentic. 

– Good Schools' Guide