Wild Fridays

A New Initiative for Year 7 in 2021

Roedean is in an idyllic location, with the blue of the English Channel in front of the School, and the South Downs behind it.  Our genuinely holistic ethos means that the Roedean values highly the many other elements of school life which take place beyond the classroom.

All the activities in the ‘Wild Fridays’ programme provide opportunities for the girls to develop and thrive, discover new interests, and enjoy their all-round school experience.  Every Friday, the entire Year 7 cohort spends the afternoon outside, enjoying our wonderful setting, appreciating the natural world which surrounds us, and having fun and working with their peers.  In line with the School’s aims, ‘Wild Fridays’ will give everyone in Year 7 opportunities to be happy, curious, committed, independent, confident, compassionate, and creative.

There are six strands of the ‘Wild Fridays’ programme, during which the girls develop a wide range of skills:  in Bushcraft and Outdoor Skills, they realise their full potential through a range of different experiences; in Wildlife and Ecology, and in Farming and the Environment, they learn new skills surrounded by nature; they develop their creativity and character in Creative Building; in Gardening and Horticulture, they work as a team and learn about the land and growing produce; and they have fun and challenge themselves in new environments in Outdoor Adventure.

The key principles on which the aims of the co-curricular life of the School stands are:

  • to enrich the educational experience of all students, and contribute considerably to their personal development, including leadership
  • to provide a range of activities to underpin a culture which supports the school’s aims
  • to enhance the students’ capacity to develop interests in areas unrelated to their academic studies
  • to provide the students with opportunities to engage with different individuals with shared interests across the School

The Year 7 ‘Wild Fridays’ programme is an exciting new initiative for us – we are keen for the students to thrive at School, appreciating the nature which surrounds them on all sides, and developing new skills and knowledge which they will take forward into their lives beyond Roedean.