The Farm

The Roedean Farm Mission

The Roedean Farm mission is to:

  • develop awareness of farming and livestock

  • encourage outdoor pursuits

  • promote sustainable farming and ecology

  • raise awareness about the environment, agriculture and food production

  • give opportunities and training for the care and handling of animals

  • ensure animal welfare through training and guidance

Sustainability and Conservation

Set at the stunning interface between the South Downs National Park and the English Channel, the Roedean Farm provides learners with a unique experience of the exquisite local ecology.  The foundations of conservation and sustainable farming practice underpin all educational activities on the Farm.  Biodiversity surveys, the impact of grazing and other conservation projects are tied into the academic profile of the Biology, Geography and PSHE curriculum areas.  Students who attend the Farm, experience a wide range of co-curricular activities relating to issues of sustainability and conservation. Developing partnerships with local schools will provide opportunities for widening community involvement and further promote conservation values.

Animal Welfare

Providing genuine opportunities for compassion is at the heart of our Farm philosophy.  All tutor groups are encouraged to take on farming responsibilities to promote these values across the School.  The sheep and poultry are managed and produced in line with traditional and current farming practices, including rearing and health care. Animal welfare remains our primary concern.

The Sheep



Student feeding a sheep on the farm
Students caring for chickens on the Roedean farm
Sheep on the Roedean farm

What the Pupils Say…

It is so nice to be able to be with the animals as part of my normal school day routine. 

– Millie, Year 9 Head Farm Prefect

What the Teachers Say…

There is a special rush of excitement when, at the end of a busy school day, you enter the field and watch as the enthusiastic sheep make their way over to greet you. It is a truly magical end to my day. 

– Ms Rose, Farm Supervisor