To formally register as a Roedean applicant, please fill out our registration form once prompted by a member of the Admissions Team.

Registration Form

We would be delighted to discuss your daughter's registration and talk you through the admissions process. Please only proceed to registration once you have spoken to a member of the Admissions Team. You can contact our Deputy Director of Admissions, Ms Joanna Clarke, on either 01273 667685 or

When submitting this form, you will be expected to provide:

  1. your daughter's latest school report

  2. a passport-style photo

  3. a copy of the photo page of your daughter's passport

  4. (If applicable) either an Education Psychologist's Report, Clinical Psychologist's Report or EHCP (Parents must inform the School when submitting the registration form of any special circumstances relating to their child which may affect their child's ability to fully participate in the education provided by the School).

Information which is mandatory for you to provide is indicated below by an *. If you do not complete the mandatory sections in full this may jeopardise or delay your application.

Early registration is strongly recommended; the 2022 UK REGISTRATION DEADLINE for ALL YEARS is Monday 11 October 2021. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made.

Once your have submitted the registration form and we have received the £150 registration fee, you will receive an email confirming that your daughter is registered as a Roedean applicant. We will keep you updated with any information regarding her entry exams, as well as future events at Roedean which may be of interest.

Acceptance of your daughter into the School will depend finally on her satisfying the requirements of the School in the appropriate entrance examinations. Only when she has done so will a firm offer of a place be made.

A copy of the current edition of the standard Terms and Conditions is available on request and our Privacy Notice is available on the website.

If you are applying from overseas, please see our Overseas Admissions pages

Registration Fee and Payment Details

Our registration fee is £150 and is non-refundable; this can either be paid by cheque or by BACS; our account details can be found here.

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