Scholarship Application - Overseas Students

We would be delighted to receive a scholarship application from you if you are overseas-schooled and applying for 2019 entry into Years 7, 9 or 12. The scholarship application should be submitted along with your registration form. 

Please be aware that this form is for external overseas-schooled candidates only. Please only submit a scholarship application once you have formallly registered with us using our online Registration Form, have read our Scholarships booklet for our scholarship criteria, and have spoken to one of the admissions team.

You may apply for one of four awards:

  1. Academic (Honorary)

  2. Music (Honorary)

  3. Newnham Scholarship (Year 12 only)

  4. A combination of Academic and Music.

If you are a UK-schooled applicant, please use the other Scholarship Application form for UK-schooled students.

To discuss your daughter's application further, please contact our Director of Admissions, Mrs Diana Banham, on either 01273 667626 or

Scholarship Application Form

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