Roedean is always delighted to consider bright, high-achieving students who seek to enter top UK schools and world-class universities.

One-Year GCSE Programme

The Roedean One-Year GCSE Programme will provide your daughter with a springboard to success in the British education system, academically, socially, and culturally. After one year at Roedean School following the programme, your daughter will have a strong level of fluency in English, be confident in her abilities, and excited about her future.

The one-year programme is specifically designed to provide a range of subject experience leading to qualifications which will prepare girls for entry into the mainstream A Level curriculum at Roedean. This provides the unique benefit of being able to remain in the British system for A Levels and later British University entry.

The programme combines an intensive English and rigorous academic curriculum. Your daughter will be offered bespoke lessons to prepare for the different expectations of the British examination system, as well as joining mainstream lessons both to help with the development of her English, as well as to be a fully integrated member of her year group. 

If you wish to make an application, please contact Mrs Diana Banham, Director of Admissions, on 01273 667576 or


Registration Form

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