We aim to make the admissions process as smooth and informative as possible. Contact Senior Registrar, Mrs Diana Banham (dba@roedean.co.uk) for details.

Overseas Admissions

Our Deputy Director of Admissions Ms Joanna Clarke (jco@roedean.co.uk or 01273 667685) and Deputy Registrar Mrs Emma Shelver (els@roedean.co.uk) will be your main contacts throughout the admissions process. With Director of Admissions Mrs Ali Wienekus and supported by Mrs Hayley Chinnery, the team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have along the way

Pupils applying from outside the United Kingdom can do so via an educational agency or directly to the School. A full school report and UKiset report is required prior to registration, for consideration by our Admissions team.

Worldwide educational provision varies enormously from country to country, so at Roedean we ask all pupils applying to us from outside the EU whose first language is not English to take the UKiset online tests for screening purposes. These tests have been specifically designed for international pupils and measure ability over four areas: non-verbal, verbal, quantative and spatial reasoning. Tests can be organised in centres around the world and details are on the UKiset website: www.ukiset.com.

Roedean is always delighted to consider bright, high-achieving students who seek to enter top UK schools and world-class universities. Each year, strong overseas and international candidates join the school in the same way as those from the UK. A reasonable level of fluency in English and good understanding of it from the outset are expected, so that the girls can access the curriculum well and make good progress. We do however offer a great deal of extra language support to our international students where it is needed.

We regret that we are currently unable to offer individual visits; we would, however, in the meantime, be delighted to offer you the opportunity for you to 'meet' with a member of staff to give you a more detailed and personalised view of Roedean and to hear what makes it truly special:  Please either fill our our enquiry form or contact Ms Joanna Clarke (jco@roedean.co.uk or 01273 667685) in order to introduce yourself and arrange a meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to Roedean in the near future - we are sure that you'll like what you see!

Parents and teachers having a discussion
Students working in lessons
Students playing a gap with a hula hoop