What the Girls Say

Meet some of our Sixth Form Students

Meet the girls you will be hearing from.

Why I Chose the Sixth Form at Roedean

Academic Stimulation and Challenge

The Sixth Form at Roedean School promises a journey of intellectual stimulation and challenge with like-minded students, inspiring you to look beyond the A Level curriculum.

Flexible Independent Study

Roedean builds flexible, independent study into your bespoke timetable with a wealth of dedicated quiet study and collaborative spaces for all Sixth Formers across the school site. You will find the increasing emphasis on individual study gives you more space to develop your own ideas and sense of personal involvement in your work

Co-curricular Enrichment Central to the Sixth Form

Co-Curricular Enrichment and mindfulness is central to the Sixth Form experience and enables you to have a balanced curriculum and develop strong and supportive friendships. Drama, Dance Art and Music form a centre of excellence of Roedean, where all can shine on stage, off stage or in the unrivalled art studios and highly-trained and proficient sports coaches support elite sportswomen at Roedean and build varied and engaging fitness programmes for all.

Leadership and Academic Enrichment

In addition to your studies, you will have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and leadership, and to participate in our extensive range of lectures and electives, visits, and the Community Action Programme. Unrivalled Leadership Opportunities and Academic Enrichment enhances the soft-skills desired by future employers.

High-Quality Guidance for your Life after Roedean

Roedean offers high-quality guidance for your life after Roedean from independent careers advisers and a large, dedicated team who offer Oxbridge, Medic and university interview preparation.

Positive and Supportive Environment

Roedean creates a positive and supportive environment where each student is encouraged to be themselves. Everyone finds their individual place.

Roedean: the Best of Experiences

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To enquire about a place at Roedean in the Sixth Form, please either complete our enquiry form below or contact the Deputy Director of Admissions, Ms Joanna Clarke, on jco@roedean.co.uk or 01273 667685. 

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Students working on their art portfolio
Students working in lessons
Sixth form students in Keswick common room
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