Roedean Aspire Series

A Levels, degree, career... the decisions you will be making in the near future can feel overwhelming.

The Aspire Series will deconstruct careers and Higher Education pathways, with help from some current and former pupils.

  • UCAS & career guidance
  • What to expect: Oxbridge / medical school / US university applications
  • Insight into A-Level teaching and learning


Want to find out more?

The Aspire Series booklet can be viewed below and will be useful if you have a career path in mind. 

Watch the sneak peek videos below; if you want access to the full versions please supply your email in the form, and we can then let you know as soon as new content has been added.

Sneak Peek videos

Pathway to Cambridge

Pathway to ITV

Pathway to Medical School

Economics Masterclass

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