Life in the Sixth Form is a liberating experience – for the first time in your school career, you will be able to study the subjects you love.

Sixth Form

Intellectually curious, prepared, socially aware, creative and passionate, resilient, and confident – that’s a Roedean Sixth Former.  The Sixth Form at Roedean promises a journey of intellectual stimulation and challenge, combined with a wealth of opportunities and experiences in a happy and caring environment.  These final years of school will provide you with a solid and powerful springboard to the next stage of your education, and onwards into 21st century society.

  • Life in the Sixth Form is a liberating experience – for the first time in your school career, you will be able to study the subjects you love, and discard those which interest you less.

  • You will have the opportunity to study your chosen subjects in depth, but you must be prepared for the fact that the move into the Sixth Form is a significant step.

  • You will normally specialise in three A Level subjects in the Sixth Form. All subjects are new linear, which means that you wil only sit formal examinations at the end of Year 13. This enhances the breadth and depth of your subject knowledge. You will find the increasing emphasis on individual study gives you more space to develop your own ideas and sense of personal involvement in your work.

  • In addition to your studies, you will have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and leadership, and to participate in our extensive range of co-curricular activities, visits, and the Community Action Programme. All Year 12 students carry out an independent research project in a topic of their choosing, with the opportunity to continue this into an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).



Mary loved her time in the Sixth Form at Roedean, where she was able to pursue her passions, combining the artistic and the scientific. She got A*AA in Art, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She leaves Roedean to study Arts and Sciences at University College London, an unusual degree course which matches her interests perfectly. Mary was a TeenTech finalist, enjoyed playing Netball, performing on stage, and her leadership position as Deputy Head Girl, as well as spending hours researching Vorticism, a little-known and short-lived art movement in the 1910s!

Challenging and Rewarding

The Sixth Form is both challenging and rewarding, and those who benefit most are those who are prepared to work hard and get involved.  Our aim at Roedean is to challenge preconceptions, to open doors, and to give you the necessary skills, insights, and experiences to help you move from school to university and beyond with confidence.

  • In the Sixth Form, students are provided with clear and careful guidance before they start their A Levels, to ensure that their programme choice is relevant and recommended for their Higher Education aspirations. 

  • One-to-one mentoring and advice sessions from tutors, the Heads of Sixth Form and Higher Education, and the Senior Team ensure that every student is supported through the process. 

  • We encourage girls to choose those subjects in which they not only excel, but that they also feel passionate about.  A Level study requires a greater degree of independent study, so it is essential that students feel inspired and committed to their courses.



Identical twins, Bryony and Anya, who won Sixth Form Scholarships to Roedean have both achieved A*AA in their A Levels.  They leave School to study similar subjects but at opposite ends of the country:  Bryony will head to Exeter to study PPE, while Anya is going up to St Andrews to study International Relations. Bryony said: ‘We are so delighted that we achieved the same grades and got our places at uni. We do talk about politics quite a lot at home and tend to agree on most things. It’s just been part of our lives to discuss what’s going on around us, so it’s natural that we are going on to study it – just at opposite ends of the country! We haven’t fallen out – they were just the courses that we wanted!”

Air, Land, and Sea Awards

In 2015, Roedean introduced the Air, Land, and Sea Awards, which are open to all students in Year 12.  They awards are designed to support an activity or trip in the Summer holidays between Years 12 and 13, which is focused on personal development and public benefit, and may also be beneficial when applying to university. Examples of scholarships have involved volunteering in Tanzanian and Costa Rican hospitals, whale and dolphin conservation in Tenerife, a study trip to visit Classical Roman sites in Italy. These trips created memories that the students will remember for year to come, as well as giving them valuable experience in their chosen fields for later life.

Rosie in Kefalonia


In August, using my Air Land and Sea funding from School, I was lucky enough to participate in a Turtle Conservation Project in Kefalonia, Greece.


I loved my experience working with the charity, Wildlife Sense, as it was incredibly hands-on. Each morning, we would survey the local beaches, health-checking and measuring the progress of the nests. However, the highlight was doing ‘hatchling rescue’, a night survey where we slept on the beaches and helped to ensure all the hatchlings made it safely into the sea and were not distracted by light pollution.


I had a fantastic time, as not only did I learn lots about the ‘caretta caretta’, but I also experienced the amazing Greek culture and made a fantastic group of friends! I'm very grateful for the opportunity of this Air Land and Sea Award – it was an invaluable experience that I'll never forget.

Students playing hockey on the new astroturf sports pitch
Two students holding pieces of art in the studio
Students working on their art portfolio
Students working in lessons
Sixth form students studying in the library
Students revising together in a study alcove
Sixth form students smiling and working together in Horizons cafe
Students playing the violin in orchestra

What They Say…

Sixth Form girls talked with self-knowledge about how well prepared they felt to face the challenges that they will encounter when they go to university, and displayed a well-developed self-reliance when anticipating those challenges. 

– ISI Inspection 2016