It is key that able students have the chance to stretch themselves in order to maintain their focus and help them to realise their academic potential.

Examination Results

A Level

Roedean girls consistently achieve outstanding A Level results. 2020 was an incredibly difficult time for Year 13, after finding out in March that School was closing and public examinations were cancelled, and this situation was only exacerbated by the uncertainty surrounding published grades and university offers. We are, therefore, incredibly proud of our Leavers who achieved very impressive and well-deserved A Level results, which were awarded based on a combination of academic merit, a broad range of work completed throughout their two years in the Sixth Form, and the professional judgment of their teachers about what they would have achieved if the examinations had gone ahead. 76% of our students are going on to top Russell Group Universities, with 3 students taking up places at Oxbridge, 4 to study Medicine, and, in a climate when young women pursuing STEM subjects is very low nationally, Roedean is very proud that 39% of this year’s Leavers are going on to study Maths and Science courses at university. 

Florence – 3 A*s and an EY Apprenticeship


Congratulations to Florence, one of our outgoing Head Girls, who, with A*A*A* at A Level in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Chemistry, could have the pick of where to go next.  She has decided not to follow the typical path, but instead has made the exciting decision to take up a highly-coveted Strategy and Transactions Apprenticeship with EY.  She started last week, and is enjoying the challenge of it:  ‘I’m absolutely loving it – I end up with two Master’s degree level qualifications, one being the ACA which means I’m officially a Chartered Accountant, and the other is the actual L7 apprenticeship, in Accountancy and Taxation.’  To get to this point, Florence succeeded in all seven rounds of selection, and, of the 40,000 graduates and apprentices who applied, only 1004 started last week.  Good luck, Florence – we are proud of you!

Rosie's Going to Cambridge


Congratulations to Rosie, who achieved A*A*A*A* in A Level Art, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics – she leaves Roedean to take up a place at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where she will read Natural Sciences. This was not, however, the position on Results’ Day: the blunt algorithm used to calculate grades initially gave her AA*A*A, and this meant that she had not met her Cambridge offer.  Rosie responded with incredible maturity: ‘When I got my Cambridge offer in January, I knew that I could get those grades – so it’s a shame because if I had taken the exams, it would have been fine, but the pandemic has stopped that.  I’m still positive about possibly getting in, but, if not, I loved St Andrews so that will be great.’  We are delighted that, after eight days of uncertainty, her grades have changed to those she would have achieved, and her place at Cambridge has been confirmed.  Congratulations, Rosie – and good luck!


Roedean is incredibly proud of the entire GCSE cohort this year – the girls have achieved excellent results in the most difficult of circumstances.  Their success reflects their consistently positive and diligent attitude over the two years of their GCSE courses.  Rather than simply performing well in the examination hall, their hard work across two years provided the data from which their Centre Assessed Grades were drawn. Although this year’s statistics are undoubtedly unique and cannot accurately be compared to those of previous years, it is important that the students receiving grades this year have them valued as highly as any other.  The Centre-Assessed Grades were assigned at the end of the course and were determined by working out the mostly likely grade each student would achieve if the exams went ahead. They were the result of careful controls and multi-stage reviews, with teachers using their depth of knowledge about the students to predict accurately.  The girls deserve to be proud of what they achieved, and know that the grades are an accurate reflection of their work and ability.

Straight 9-8s at GCSE for Jane


Well done to Jane, who achieved six Grade 9s and four 8s at GCSE – she has chosen to pursue Economics, History, English Literature, and Politics at A Level.  She will also continue to be thoroughly committed to the School in many ways:  she represented Roedean at our sister school, Roedean South Africa, in 2018, she loved learning British Sign Language as part of a co-curricular opportunity at School, and she has been heavily involved for a number of years with Drama and the Theatre, both back stage and with lighting.  Jane has a bright future in the Sixth Form.