Over the past five years, 60% of our students have gone on to study at Russell Group universities, pursuing a wide range of courses.

After Roedean

At Roedean, we appreciate that the girls’ education at school is a stepping stone to the rest of their lives.  Careers and university guidance therefore begin early, so that the girls are able to make informed choices concerning their future direction long before they need to do so.  

  • The students at all levels have ready access to the Head of Universities and Careers, and they are able to make an appointment to discuss their subject choices for GCSE and A Level to ensure that they are maintaining the necessary breadth to gain access to courses later in their education.

  • At the end of Year 10, girls who have aspirations to study at Oxford or Cambridge take part in a trip to one of the universities to present them with a goal to strive for and light the spark required to study at one of the world’s top universities.

  • In the Sixth Form, the girls have periodic careers and university guidance as part of the Life Skills Programme, as well as discussions with their tutors and one-to-one meetings with the Head of Universities and Careers. 

  • They are given support to find valuable work experience and learn about GAP years.  At the end of Year 12, all girls take part in the UCAS Day, to which admissions’ tutors are invited to address the girls, and they learn how to write an impressive and engaging Personal Statement, as well as filling in the majority of the on-line application form.  

  • In Year 13, they are supported closely through the application process for UCAS and Art Foundation courses, as well as those to foreign universities.  We encourage all the students to complete it as early as possible, in order to ensure that it does not distract from their academic work.

Each year, about 55% of girls go on to Russell Group universities, and a good number choose to apply for Art Foundation or to study in the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, or Europe.