It is key that able students have the chance to stretch themselves in order to maintain their focus and help them to realise their academic potential.

Academic Enrichment

At Roedean, all girls have the chance to stretch themselves beyond what they are taught in the classroom, and to be challenged to think and research widely – not only is this hugely stimulating, but it has wonderful benefits for the work they do within the curriculum.


Enrichment opportunities exist in all subjects at Roedean, ranging from students taking undergraduate Maths courses at Sussex University and Maths Challenges at all levels, to others undertaking subject-specific projects, entering national essay competitions, and taking part in the national Top of the Bench Chemistry competition and the Biology Olympiads. 

All girls in Year 12 take an Elective for one hour each week – for some, this is valuable subject-specific enrichment, such as the Medical Extension Group, while for others, this is an opportunity to do something which is challenging and completely different to their normal A Level programme, such as Beginners’ Russian, Portuguese, and an Introduction to Psychology.

Each year, several Sixth Form students choose to take an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) in addition to their A Level subjects, allowing them to research a specific topic in detail before writing 5000-6000 words about it.  This qualification is worth half of an A Level, but universities welcome the fact that the girls have taken their academic interests far beyond what they have been taught in the classroom.

Roedean Academic Lectures

The weekly programme of academic lectures, which are open to every girl in the school, comprises an eclectic mix of fields and disciplines, designed to challenge, extend, and broaden the intellects of Roedean girls.  Some lectures are given by visiting speakers and others are presented by members of Roedean staff, who enjoy the opportunity of revealing a particular passion to the students.  Some examples of recent lectures are ‘The Unravelling of the Versailles Treaty’, ‘What is poetry?’ (featuring Soviet poetry), Postmodernist Thought, and ‘Big Numbers’.

Sixth Form Top University Programme

The girls who attend this weekly programme enrich and extend their academic learning.  As well as honing their critical thinking skills, accessing national competitions and challenges, and gaining advice on the best interview technique, the girls compile a portfolio of extended research and reading, their one-to-one Oxbridge session notes, and their Year 12 Research Seminar.  The objective is for the girls to deliver to their peers a seminar on a topic of their choice which is linked to their chosen area of study at university.

Roedean has a strong partnership with Lancing College, which includes hosting the Oxbridge Interview Forum, and an annual Scholars’ Dinner.  We also host an extremely successful UCAS Day and Oxbridge Evening each year.

Academic Mentoring Programme

Every girl in Years 7-10 and Year 12 has the opportunity to take part in the Academic Mentoring Project, which allows them to do intensive research into a topic and develop their presentation skills.  An external specialist comes to Roedean to work with the girls on how to engage their audience when making a presentation, and the girls enjoyed this very much.  The sheer diversity and breadth of the girls’ chosen topics is always fascinating.

Students holding certificates awarded for Chemistry competitions
Candid from academic lecture
Students visiting Corpus Christi college, Cambridge