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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form boarding school experience is the summit of Roedean. Through their studies, activities and the community life at Roedean, our girls have developed into confident, articulate young women ready to make a significant contribution to the world. A recent leaver described her feelings:

Having finished an exhausting marathon of exams, which I can honestly say I tried my hardest in, I am relieved that I have jumped over the last and biggest hurdle in my Roedean career and am so excited about what the future holds.

Sixth Form girls are the seniors of the school and are treated as adults. They wear smart suits, rather than school uniform, and enjoy the respect of the staff and the younger girls. They have their own boarding house, Keswick House, with some ensuite rooms, a café, prep rooms and lounges. This is the very last step before university, and the Keswick lifestyle actually has more in common with a university than a sixth form for girls.

Our Sixth Formers are the force behind the classic highlights in the Roedean calendar, such as the annual Team Play and the biennial Musical Festivals. They also raise thousands of pounds for charity each year devising inventive, colourful events such as variety and fashion shows, international evenings, sponsored carol singing, auctions and rock concerts.

International students may join the Sixth Form directly, or if they need extra academic preparation they progress from the Pre-A level course, taught by our partners, Kaplan International Colleges.

Visit the school, or view more information about the Sixth Form curriculum.

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