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Life at an independent boarding school

Harriet simply loves every aspect of school life , and we have been delighted to the extent that we will definitely apply to send daughter number two, Olivia, to Roedean too.

Who are Roedean students and what does their life look like? Well, you won’t spot them easily; our girls are unique, stylish and open-minded so there’s no identifiable Roedean ‘look’.

Their families might live many time zones away, or they might have grown up round the corner; either way, by the time they leave Roedean, they are confident, articulate and ready to launch their career.

Underpinning a robust private secondary education is our unshakeable conviction that each girl’s achievements must be seen in the context of her own personal development and happiness. We do not believe in a one-dimensional hunt for academic glory; we believe that education should build self-assurance and curiosity to explore the wider world.

We therefore encourage our girls to think adventurously and courageously and to take up new opportunities. As a private secondary school Roedean can give every girl as much time, expert guidance and resources as she needs to reach her full potential. And we work with external experts, too, like Kaplan International Colleges, who teach our Pre-A level course. 

But how to fully explain what life at Roedean, as an independent school in Sussex, is like? Well, we can predict that Roedean as a community will surprise you. We can talk to you about the sense of true belonging that our girls say they feel, and describe the thoughtful, kind and articulate characters we are so proud to teach and live alongside.

However, the best qualified people to tell you what life is really like at independent secondary schools like Roedean are those who give the school its character – the girls. Come and meet them at one of our Open Days or view more information around the admissions process.

Oliver Blond


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