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Ofsted Report

Roedean was inspected by Ofsted in March 2009. Ofsted examines the organisation of the school and the wellbeing of the students, especially from a boarding perspective.

The report concluded that overall quality rating of the provision is ‘good’.

Staying safe

The school aims high and achieves high in keeping the girls safe. There are numerous avenues for the girls to access if they have a problem, and staff are very supportive in accessing the correct professionals where indicated.

Being healthy

The schools policies and procedures for meeting the needs of boarders’ health are comprehensive and effective. Good communication between departments, sometimes on a need to know basis, is practised and respected.

Protecting children

Girls state that bullying is not an issue at the school. The results of our survey showed an extremely low incidence of bullying and the very few incidents were of a low level.

Boarders feel comfortable in addressing the headteacher directly and quite often arrange a meeting with her to discuss any concerns, views, and opinions they may have. The headteacher actively encourages this.

Enjoying and achieving

Roedean School welcomes and celebrates equality and diversity. The school works hard to ensure [international students] are fully supported and assimilated into the community. All girls are very supportive of each other and are understanding of individual needs and wishes in relation to race and culture.

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