Roedean Day and Boarding School Scholarships

Roedean Scholarships

Available awards and their assessment criteria.

Additionally, we are also able to offer the prestigious Headmaster’s Award which is worth up to 40%.  

Years 7 & 9 Scholarships

• Academic - excellence in Maths and English general entry papers

• Art - discussion on your portfolio and a drawing test from direct observation

• Drama - performance of two contrasting pieces: two monologues or a monologue and a poem, and also read at sight a passage or poem

• Dance - performance of two choreographed dances in any style and completion of a practical physical assessment

• Sport - assessment of a range of sporting key skills plus demonstrate a high performance standard in either Netball, Swimming, Tennis or Hockey.  Potential for future sporting development is essential

• Music - performance of two contrasting pieces and sight reading test and discussion.  Potential for future music development is essential

• All Rounder - excellent in Maths and English general entry papers together with outstanding performace in any one practical subject chosen from the list above

Exhibition Awards (5% reduction in fees) and can be awarded in the above individual subjects.

Sussex and London City Scholarships (up to 40% of fees).  These Scholars are academically able girls, from London and the local area, who will bring something extra to the school. They may be fantastic all-rounders who will thrive on the many opportunities open to them at Roedean or an able girl with a particular passion for music, history, art, sport or something else entirely. As scholars, they will have strong academic potential, but as important as this is their love for learning, innate curiosity and an ability to enrich their community.

Brighthelm Awards.  Naturally academically able girls with the widest range of interests, who are curious by nature, excited by the wide range of activities on offer, and who will make a significant contribution to the school.

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Years 7 & 9 Scholarship application form

Sixth Form Scholarship application form

Sussex Scholarship application form

London City Scholarship application form

Year 7 Brighthelm application form

Sixth Form Brighthelm application form


Congratulations... the following girls who were awarded a Scholarship for 2014 entry.

Academic R Egny West Hove Junior School
Academic I Frame Brighton and Hove High School
Academic A Hinton Charlotte House Prep School
Academic T McCulloch Bolney CE School
Academic V Poultney Riverhouse Montessori School
Academic R Salt Fernandez South Malling CE School
Academic I Sembi-Hallam Westdene Primary
Academic C Tenquist St Mary Magdalene Primary school
All Rounder with Academic M Abadi Windlesham School
All Rounder with Art E Sladdin James Allen’s Prep School
All Rounder with Art E Wolfe-Naughton Windlesham School
All Rounder with Drama A Dodsworth Westdene Primary
All Rounder with Drama A Manzoor Windlesham School
All Rounder with Music K Henderson Lewes New School
All Rounder with Music S Joyce Brighton and Hove High School
All Rounder with Music A Samarasinghe St Wilfrid’s RC School
All Rounder   with Sport Y Finnegan Copthorne Prep School
Art   Exhibition H Kerr Deepdene School
Drama P Arnold Balfour Primary School
Music   Exhibition A Kelly Seaford Primary School
Music K Maidment Brighton and Hove High School
Sport  H Al-Arari St Christophers Prep School
Sport  A Finnegan Copthorne Prep School
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