Roedean Forms the Roedean Group of Schools

In the last four years, Roedean has grown by over 200 pupils across the School and shown very strong improvements in its academic achievements, producing its highest ever exam results in successive years. In 2017, the Council of Roedean School formed the Roedean Group of Schools to explore ways to develop Roedean’s educational model beyond the limits of Roedean School, in order to enable more pupils across Sussex to benefit from Roedean’s educational vision and leadership.

We are delighted to announce that Moira House School and Deepdene School will be part of the Roedean Group of Schools from September 2017.

Roedean’s educational model is to offer a genuinely holistic academic education which enables pupils to enjoy their education, develop their own interests, and discover their academic passions. A Roedean education is characterised by a commitment to academic excellence, high-quality pastoral support and an exceptional range of opportunities beyond the curriculum, all within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

In order to enable other schools and educational establishments to flourish and to support their pupils’ development, the Roedean Group provides a flexible partnership model which provides strategic leadership and expertise, staff training and mentoring, and investment to schools that share a commitment to Roedean’s educational vision.

Oliver Blond, Executive Head of Roedean Group and Headmaster of Roedean, said: ‘We look forward to working with staff and pupils at Moira House and Deepdene, and sharing in the increased opportunities and extended training and development.  Together the Roedean Group of Schools will provide an academically strong provision across a wider geographical area for the benefit of a greater number of pupils in the region.’

Roedean School is holding an Open Day on 7th October for parents wishing to learn more about the School.

To find out more about this exciting initiative, please see the FAQ document which we have developed to provide further details.