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Old Roedeanian Obituaries

2015's Founders and Commemoration Day Service was held on Friday 25th September in the Roedean Chapel.


The Founders’ Day service was a moving occasion when we remembered the Lawrence sisters and all who were involved in the founding of Roedean. The school community was joined by a number of ORs and former members of staff, and we enjoyed the beautiful singing of the choir in the Chapel and, as the names of those who have passed away over this last year were read out, a candle was lit for each by two students in remembrance. It was a beautiful and poignant service.


Roedean School regrets to announce the following deaths.


Philippa Althaus (Lewis, No. 1, 1947-49) - Old Roedeanian

Wendy Barraco (Jenkins, No. 4, 1954-56) - Old Roedeanian

Pamela Brickman (Perrins, No. 4, 1934-41) - Old Roedeanian

Verity Carr (Martin, No. 4, 1954-58)

Veronica (Ronnie) Catany (Lee, No. 1, 1950-56) - Old Roedeanian

Myra S Cohen (Doniger, No. 3, 1922-28) - Old Roedeanian

Sandra Dalton-Banks (Flashner, No. 1, 1960-63) - Old Roedeanian

Cynthia Denby (Rowland, No. 1, 1940-46) - Old Roedeanian

Sally Galbraith (Newton, No. 2, 1946-50) - Old Roedeanian

Fabia Hargreaves (Sampson, No. 4, 1944-54) - Old Roedeanian

Eve Henderson (Rigby, No. 3, 1936-42) - Old Roedeanian

Penelope Houston (No 4, 1941-1945) - Old Roedeanian

Ms Mary Kean (1952-57) - Former staff

Ms Rowena Kolesar (1973-1979) - Former Housemistress

Ms Ka Leng Pang (2008-15) - Former staff

Abigail Reed (Mathys, No. 4, 1946-1949) - Old Roedeanian

Margaret (Margot) Sheaf (Lloyd, No. 1, 1934-1938) - Old Roedeanian

HA Swann (Hazel-Anne Swann) (Plumer, No. 3, 1952-1956) - Old Roedeanian

Christine Wheway (Ferguson, No. 4, 1948-57) - Old Roedeanian



Friends and family are invited to publish obituaries on this page.  If you wish to submit an obituary, please contact our ORA membership secretary.  Obituaries are submitted by Old Roedeanians and friends of the School and will remain on the website until they have been remembered at the annual Founders and Commemoration Day Service.

The school is not responsible for the content of the obituaries and cannot guarantee that all obituaries will be included on this website.

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