William Goldsmith Shares his Stories
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William Goldsmith Shares his Stories


The Times described William Goldsmith as ‘one of the finest new talents’ in fiction whose recently published graphic novel is ‘Absurd, funny, exhilarating and utterly original’.  Lower Five English students and keen sixth form artists were engaged by Goldsmith’s explanations of how he turned his final degree show into the highly successful, Vignettes of Ystov .  The students were engaged by his ‘gently weird’ characters like the janitor who meticulously catalogues and displays dustpan detritus over a lifetime and the smell-obsessed “nose lover” who tries to sculpt the perfect nose and create a gallery of modern smells.  Goldsmith’s tales of art college deadlines and the world of publishing offered informal careers advice as well as inspiration for illustrators and storywriters in the audience.

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