Teams become Houses
Teams revert to Houses

Teams become Houses


We are delighted to share the exciting news that from September 2010 we will be merging Teams and Houses and the four main Houses will revert to being Houses for girls of all ages. We hope to achieve this with minimum disruption and maximum long term benefit to both the girls and the school as a whole.

Why are we doing this?

-- To encourage more of the older girls to take positions of responsibility within their Houses.

-- To support the Houses as the heart of the lives of day and boarding pupils.

-- To combine the huge enthusiasm girls have for their Teams with the great loyalty they have for their Houses.

-- To help our new students integrate more easily with current students.

What are the practical changes?

From September, the Houses will revert to being known as House 1, 2, 3 and 4, as originally named by the Lawrence sisters.

Tanner Main (3) will continue to look after all U3 and L4 girls as well as those from U4 to 6.1. Lawrence Senior (1), Lawrence Main (2) and Tanner Senior (4) will become houses for girls from U4 to 6.1. 6.2 girls will live in Keswick, but will have an allegiance to one of the four main Houses for competitive purposes.

Weekend activities will be organised by each House in turn for the whole school.

All the activities which used to be Team-based are now House-based.  So there will be House Plays in the autumn (not Team Plays), House sport and music competitions.  The girls’ Commendations will contribute to their House totals and the Bucket Cup will go to the winning House at the end of the academic year.

Full details of the planned changes

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