Owl Experience flies into Roedean School
European Eagle Owl

Owl Experience flies into Roedean


A leading ornithological expert from Derbyshire brought his Owl Experience to Roedean for two days of demonstrations this week

Bob Morley and his assistant enthralled the girls by introducing owls ranging from Britain’s most common to some of the world’s rarest. 

Firstly a Tawny Owl, appropriately called Twit, was introduced, followed by an enormous European Eagle Owl weighing in at 4lbs, called Noodles.  Other owls at the display included Rocky, a Barn Owl and a Great Horned owl called Ed.

Mr Morley’s talks were packed full of information on these interesting birds, such as the numbers left in the wild, their nesting sites and diet, and why these silent hunters are so good at what they do. 

The talk was carefully tailored to cover key areas of the National Curriculum as well as including insightful anecdotes, humorous stories and conservation themes.

Mr Morley also answered questions from the pupils such as whether owls really can turn their heads 360 degrees and why we tend to think of them as being wise. 

The girls were fascinated to see each owl close up, swooping just over their heads.  They are now writing up their encounter with these magnificent birds as part of their English and biology lessons and the popular Wildlife Club at Roedean.

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