Old Roedeanian Rebecca Hall shines in Dorian Gray
Rebecca Hall in Dorian Gray

Old Roedeanian Rebecca Hall shines in Dorian Gray


Oscar Wilde’s only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is about a spectacularly beautiful young man who embarks on a long career of corruption and viciousness, but whose face neither reveals any trace of his evil ways, nor appears to age.


Oliver Parker's film, 'well-performed, faithful in spirit and reasonably compelling throughout', still can't solve the book's central problem, said Channel 4 Film. 'It's either a metaphor for closet homosexuality or a story about a scary painting.'

However, 'excellent Rebecca Hall, who plays Wooton’s suffragette daughter (a character invented by screenwriter Toby Finlay), seems to have wandered in from a different, more grown-up production', said the Jewish Chronicle.

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