Mastermind Maya

Mastermind Maya


Former Roedean Head of Classics and Careers, Maya Davis took part in the first round heats of Mastermind. Her specialist subject: The Life and Work of Gerard Hoffnung.

No stranger to broadcast quizzes, having competed in Brain of Britain 2009/10 and in University Challenge way back in 1968, Maya made it through to the Mastermind semi-finals having produced the best of the specialist and general knowledge rounds. She looked calm and composed and although she didn’t answer all questions, it didn’t matter. 14 points on her specialist subject in a 2 minute round plus 13 in the General Knowledge round took her to a total of 27 and a clear win.

During Maya’s 11 years at Roedean she inspired countless Roedeanians with a love for Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. Many of these students went on to study Classics at university.

Extremely erudite, a true linguist and an ardent cat lover, Maya spends her retirement pursuing her passion for music, catching up on her reading and taking part in the odd quiz.

We wish Maya the best of luck in the forthcoming Mastermind Semi-finals!

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