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Thursday 22 September

Today we had a full day of activities at Kingswood. We had lots of fun swinging backwards and forwards on the 3G swing, our classmates pulling the rope so we went higher and higher until we plummeted back down so fast we didn't have tome to scream!

We also went abseiling, sliding down the wall two girls at a time whilst their friends yelled encouragements at them. We really enjoyed our day at Kingswood today and we hope tomorrow will be just as much fun.

From Emily 

Wednesday 21 September

Kingswood 1After a fun drive we arrived at Kingswood adventure park. Excitement grew as we approached the main buildings passing fields filled with exciting looking activities, although one where someone was jumping off a high pole did worry some people!

We had a yummy dinner before taking part in our first activity, for my group this was the Laser Challenge! We had a great time running around and screaming, but also worked on our teamworking skills.

Then all the year groups came together for a camp fire where we sang songs and told stories!

We are having a great time here!

Hope you are good, see you soon!

From Elysia

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