Kenyan visitor brings 'Africa' to life for RJS girls
Njoki and the girls

Kenyan visitor brings 'Africa' to life for RJS girls


As part of Year 5 and 6’s topic on Africa, Mrs Njoki Wa Mwenja visited last week. This is what the girls thought:

Njoki Wa Mwenja (which means ‘Mary, the daughter of Mwenja’ in Swahili) was born in a small village in Kenya [writes Dana].

Mary left her village to come to Europe, but she went back in 2009 to try and find her family. She knew the language so she was able to speak to a taxi driver and find the village, then her family. She brought pictures of the villages and all the people to show us [writes Eleanor].

First, Njoki talked about traditional clothes in Africa and passed round beautiful African jewellery made of beads. Then she showed us a slideshow of her journey to find her family and pictures of Kenyan animals.

We tried dressing in African clothes and jewellery, and asked lots of questions [adds Dana].

Mary showed us how mothers carry their babies on their backs so that they are nice and secure [adds Eleanor].

After that we went in to the lunch room and tried some traditional African stew that Njoki had brought. It was really lovely nice. I loved the food [writes Beth].

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