House One's Play Victory - from the inside
Scene from House One's winning play

House One's Play Victory - from the inside


The House Plays have been an amazing experience for me this term [writes winning Director Camilla Gibson].

The process of directing started well before the autumn term actually began. Towards the end of the summer term I was chosen along with Beth Agar to direct House One’s play and during the summer we came up with a suitable plot.

With the new House system in place a new energy and enthusiasm was shown from our fellow housemates about our play. Rehearsal started straight away, everything started going very quickly from the word go. Costumes, make up, set designs and rehearsals all flowed through my mind almost every day. There was a never ending whirl of problems to tackle on a regular basis from small things, like somebody losing their script, to big things like changing the time period of our play.

However as the weeks progressed you started to make a strange bond with your cast and crew members, bumping into them in the corridor and shouting “See you in rehearsals tonight, can’t wait!” The new girls in the true Roedean spirit threw themselves with full gusto into the plays and as result everyone has made long lasting friends.

I always found the final week of the plays as an actor the most exciting, but as a Director I had a completely different view! Although I was terrified that we wouldn’t be ready to perform in front of a real audience, the whole House pulled together and managed it in the end!

Thursday, the dress rehearsal, was very exciting. House Two really set the standard, setting their play in an antique shop. House Three followed with a comic play set in IKEA. House Four followed with a walk in the park where an actual dog was bought on stage! Finally House One finished with a tragedy set in Oxford University. The whole evening had plenty of variety and the whole school was buzzing with excitement!

On Saturday, energy levels were extremely high. The Directors were notified that the adjudicator, Honeysuckle Weeks, was ill so three Old Roedeanians were chosen in her stead. Each play performed very well and afterwards everyone joined in the chanting in the theatre. There was a mass of green, red, blue and yellow and everyone was screaming as loud as they could.

Then – victory to House One!

Winning the play was the icing on the cake for me, but even if I had not come away with the cup I would have left knowing that I had achieved something to be proud of.

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