¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo a todos!
Traditional pinata at Roedean independent school Sussex

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo a todos!


During their last Spanish lesson of the year, the Lower and Upper Four girls met up in Roedean Theatre with Señora Moon, Señora Found and Señorita Arévalo to celebrate Christmas by singing a traditional Spanish carol, "Arre Borriquito", and breaking open a typical Mexican star-shaped piñata.

The points of the star, each with a streamer, represent the deadly sins, while the sweets and chocolates inside stand for wealth and earthly pleasures. The stick for breaking the piñata symbolises virtue, as only good can overcome evil. Once the piñata is broken, the treats inside represent the just reward for keeping the Catholic faith: divine blessings and gifts.

The girls took it in turn to be blindfolded with Señora Moon's thickest scarf and to have a go at hitting the coloured star suspended on a rope from the ceiling of the theatre.  Señora Moon dangled the piñata, moving it tantalisingly up and down in front of the hitter whose classmates enthusiastically shouted guidance from the edge of the circle: "¡arriba, arriba!" ("higher, higher!") and "¡abajo, abajo! ("lower, lower!")

Everyone had at least one go as the hitter before the piñata finally gave way and the girls were showered with the chocolate contents.

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