European Day of Languages
Making marzipan fruit during the European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages


Everyone in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed the trip to Roedean for the European Day of Languages [writes Lizzie Wilmot].

First we went to the Spanish room, where Senora Moon told us the names of fruits in Spanish and then we made little fruits out of marzipan (very yummy!).

Then we went to the German classroom and we were told to make a card for someone in German. I panicked because I did not know a single word in German except ‘guten tag’, which my friend Esmee and I used as a funny greeting. Everything turned out OK though, because Mrs Heron wrote everything we needed to know on the board.

When we finished that we went to the French room which had been made into a café, with a table covered with pains au chocolat and crepes. We realised we were going to be eating again!

The European Day of Languages is 26 September. The Council of Europe sets the date and it involves 45 countries.

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