Classics Week is a Roman Triumph!
Roman helmet used in Gladiator School

Classics Week is a Roman Triumph!


From Gladiators to an award-winning author, to folklore and mythology, we had a taste of the Ancient World at Roedean last week.
On Monday morning, we hosted a 'Gladiator School' for Upper 3 (Year 7) Roedean students and guests from King Edward's School, Witley. This interactive workshop brought the spirit of the Roman amphitheatre to life brilliantly, as well as teaching all about Roman weaponry and armour. 

On Monday afternoon award-winning author Caroline Lawrence talked about her Roman Mysteries characters, her seven-point plot structure for writing a book and explained how she uses Roman artefacts in her mystery stories. She also described life in Ancient Roman times, detailing the eruption of Vesuvius and the finer points of Roman hygiene, which elicited a loud 'Yeuch!' from the audience. During the afternoon, Caroline signed over 300 books, so may thanks to her and her aching hand!

The theme 'Women' was well represented throughout Classics' Week. The Chapel Service focused on this theme and although many of us went away very grateful to live in 2010, we did celebrate the achievements of women such as Sappho, the first woman poet, Claudia, the good wife who 'spun wool' and the iconic Penelope.
The U5 (Year 11) trip to the British Museum was enjoyed by all as the students researched Roman exhibits and gave impressive mini-presentations on site. There was also time for a sneaky visit to admire the Parthenon Frieze! Meanwhile, U4 (Year 9) studied the horrors of the eruption of Vesuvius.


Entertainment was also high on the list of priorities culminating in the first official Roedean Symposium. As we munched on Roman and Greek snacks, clad in our finest togas and stolas, we were regaled, in the spirit of Homer, with a series of fantastic tales from ancient and more recent mythology and folklore.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in Classics Week.

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