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For some young people, the summer will be an anxious one, leading up to the publication of A-Level results on 18 August. This year was always going to be a competitive one (university rejections were up 10% on last year) so it was crucial that the advice we gave the Six Two girls enabled them to make good, informed choices, both in terms of the course and the university itself.

After the offers were made, the careers advisers met with their caseload to ensure that girls chose a firm offer which was above their insurance choice. It is particularly important to get this right: universities have very little room for manoeuvre if a candidate misses their offer, as the government fines institutions which over-recruit. As a department, we feel the girls who followed our advice are in a strong position to have their place confirmed in August.

It has also been an extremely busy time for the Six One girls, with a range of exciting speakers from a diverse group of universities, as well as the eagerly-anticipated UCAS Day, in which the girls started their online applications for UK universities. Next year’s rise in tuition fees has led the department to invite representatives from US universities, Maastricht in the Netherlands, and Australian and New Zealand universities to speak to the pupils. As a department, we are keen to educate girls about the choices available to them and that an excellent tertiary educational experience can be had beyond these shores.

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