6th Form Spanish Students Meet Lorca's Relations
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6th Form Spanish Students Meet Lorca's Relations


6th Form Spanish students went to Kings Place, London, to celebrate the life and poetry of Federico García Lorca at the launch of the exciting new translation of his famous collection of poetry, The Gypsy Ballads, or Romancero Gitano.

As well as listening to poetry recitals, the girls heard fascinating first-hand anecdotes about the poet’s life recounted by Lorca’s own nephew and nieces.

Lorca was murdered by right-wing forces at the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 but remains the most famous and celebrated modern poet and playwright in the Spanish language. 

The event was particularly relevant and moving for the girls since we are currently studying “Yerma”, one of Lorca’s important tragedies, and they have all taken part in a reading competition which included the most famous poem from the Romancero Gitano, “Romance Somnámbulo” or “Sleepwalking Ballad”.  They were all especially touched when this turned out to be the closing poem of the evening, and was performed by Gloria García Lorca herself.

Verde que te quiero verde      Green, how I love you green
Verde viento verdes ramas      Green wind.  Green branches.
El barco sobre la mar              The boat on the sea
Y el caballo en la montaña      and the horse on the mountain.

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