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The aims of the School

The Founders' Mission:

Roedean School was founded in 1885, to provide ‘a thorough physical, intellectual and moral’ education with ‘as much liberty as is consistent with safety’. It sought from the outset to prepare students for future careers and for the new colleges of Newnham and Girton at Cambridge. The School’s first prospectus outlined the six key pillars of Roedean School:

  • To encourage healthy and active living
  • To provide a strong academic foundation
  • To develop an appreciation of sport, culture and the arts
  • To build independence of thought and character
  • To develop skills and confidence for a life of work
  • To develop a strong sense of personal and moral values

This founding vision continues in the School to this day.


Our Mission Today:

Roedean’s overall purpose is to provide a high quality, all-round education in a welcoming and friendly environment, to enable its pupils to be happy and to flourish as a person in school and beyond.

Our pastoral purpose is to support and care for every student to develop their health and wellbeing and sense of self through personal reflection and through participation with the community and activities of the school

Our academic purpose is to inspire and challenge every student to develop their strengths and passions, seek the highest academic standards for themselves and develop a strong foundation for their future.

Our co-curricular purpose is to encourage and inspire every student to engage and participate in a full range of sporting, cultural and artistic opportunities to develop her range of talents and interests.

Our moral purpose is to help pupils to explore and express their own values to develop a compassionate, generous and tolerant a understanding of others and the wider world.


School aims:

Roedean aims to ensure that its pupils:

  • Enjoy their school days and develop a healthy and balanced approach to themselves and to life
  • Develop their academic passions and intellectual curiosity as a foundation for a lifelong love of learning & scholarship
  • Try themselves out in a variety of ways to develop a breadth of interests and the creativity and resilience to enjoy challenge
  • Learn to think independently and critically to develop and express their own voice
  • Develop a sense of self-belief and the confidence to embrace aspirational goals and realise that they are attainable.
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility, respect for others, generosity of spirit, integrity, tolerance and compassion.


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