Advice for parents
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Advice for parents

Most parents tend to be anxious about revision - after all, you have invested heavily in your daughter's education.  My top tip therefore - which may seem odd - is to advise that girls do need some relaxation time.  They need regular fun activities as part of the revision process.  This is not emptying the dishwasher.  Mum could, for example, take her shopping for a new bag, as a reward for revision.  Girls should be allowed time with their friends during the revision period.  Walking the dog means much needed exercise, but household chores should be out.  Your daughter's 'work' is to revise.

Expect despair and panic at some point during the revision time.  Provided there has been some kind of structured revision time, you can reassure her by pointing out how much she has done. 

Never, ever give the impression that you will love your daughter more if she gets an A* rather than an A.

Check your daughter's revision focus is on the subjects she is weak in.  Many girls will start with their best subjects and leave the weak ones till the end.

Don't nag - praise her for what she has achieved in terms of revision.

She will be irritating during this period - bite your tongue. You're the adult.

Symptoms of stress include: 

  • loss of sense of humour
  • sudden outbursts of anger
  • feelings of having no one to talk to or confide in
  • feeling constantly tired and not able to sleep
  • having a lack of appetite or the opposite and craving food
  • an inability to relax and sit still.

As well as enjoyable exercise, watching a film that really makes you laugh helps to defuse stress.

Healthy eating is even more important during exam times.  

Ensure your daughter works in short chunks with lots of breaks for refreshments, rest and relaxation.

Ensure your daughter has a realistic revision plan and sticks to it.  During the holiday prior to exams, family lunches and trips to the dentist and cinema should be part of the plan.

Mrs Hazel Heron, Head of Middle School


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