The school is an extremely happy place, and the challenging yet flexible Roedean offer provides a very positive environment for our students.  We are confident that those who see the school cannot fail to be impressed by Roedean.

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  • ‘I’m Julia and I’m a weekly boarder in Year 7.  Being a weekly boarder at Roedean is so much fun.  It is so great just to relax after a long school day with all your friends, like a big sleep-over, but one where you actually sleep!  I live in London and I come home every weekend on the train.  Lots of other weekly boarders come on the train too, and a member of staff comes with us every week to Victoria station.  A member of staff meets us there on a Sundays too and goes with us to Brighton.  One of the best things about weekly boarding is that you can be completely school-based on school nights, but then come home for the weekend.  Although I am moving to Sussex over the summer, I shall probably keep weekly boarding because I love it so much.  It has given me so much more independence and enjoyment since I started and I don’t want to stop.’
  • ‘I’m not actually a weekly boarder myself, but ideally I would like to be, because I think there are so many benefits.  To start with, you save so much time not having to travel to and from school every day.  On average, a day girl would spend 1 hour travelling every day, and if I were coming from London obviously this would be even longer!  But being a weekly boarder means you don’t waste any time travelling throughout the week, meaning you can spend that time doing homework, taking part in activities, or relaxing with your friends. It means you can get the best out of what the school has to offer, from textiles to trampolining!  Because you have more time during the week to get work done due to not having to travel, the weekends can be a time to relax and spend time with your family, which is great.’
  • ‘For me, being a full boarder gives you opportunities that are out of this world.  For example, going on trips practically every weekend that vary from going to cricket matches or going to London for some shopping.  In my opinion, the benefits of being a boarder is that all your books are here, you are always with your friends, and you feel like you’re at home all the time.’
  • My name is Luchia and I am a flexi-boarder in 6.2.  I find that boarding for 2/3 nights a week gives me time to go to the gym or play netball in the evening, when previously I would have gone home on the school bus, but it also really helps me to stay on top of my academic work.  But I must say that I also love the breakfasts!
  • I am Tasha, and I’m a full boarder in 6.1.  When I first arrived at Roedean, I was in the middle of moving countries from Hong Kong to Canada.  Amongst all the chaos and the hardship of leaving where I had lived for so long, Roedean remained my solid ground, my home between homes.
  • I'm Maya, a day girl in Year 12, and I love the journeys to and from school, thanks to the girls on my minibus; it's a great way to meet girls across all year groups and houses.  As a Sixth Form day girl, I have a study room in my house (House 2 all the way!) which I share with my best friend, and it's great for studying and it has truly become my second home.  Being a day girl at Roedean is an honour, and I have enjoyed every day here and there will be many more to come.
  • I’m Mwaba – for me, the best thing is that Roedean builds up shy girls and turns them into happy, confident, and lovely girls – and the people who help us are our teachers and house staff.
  • My name is Clara, and I am a weekly boarder in Year 9 from London.  Ever since I started boarding in Year 7, there is no way I would go back to day school!  There is such a friendly environment here and I get the best of both worlds – I enjoy the company of my friends during the week, while also spending the weekend with my family.  The escorted train service is the perfect compromise for my parents, and on the weekends where I have sport, I enjoy every minute of the gorgeous views and fantastic weekend activities.
  • I’m Maggie – being a full boarder at Roedean for five years and currently in Year 11, it's clear to say that Roedean has helped me develop into a young, independent woman.  The benefits of boarding are things such as being with my friends all the time and having facilities such as private day studies where I can concentrate and work for my GCSEs. 
  • I’m Amelia, a day girl in year 8.  I joined half way through the year in Year 7, and the girls were so lovely and welcoming that as soon as I had joined it felt like my home.  So far, this has been my best school experience and I have made so many memories that I will treasure forever.  I wake up in the morning and look forward to going to school and seeing my friends – I feel that whoever joins Roedean will immediately feel like they belong just as I did.
  • Being a day girl doesn't at all make you any less involved in any part of school life.  My name’s Eleanor and I have so many friends who are boarders.  We are always having fun in house, whether it's a house competition, a sleepover, or a Chinese takeaway. Summer is my favourite time to be at Roedean because my friends and I are always outside, playing on the beautiful grounds, with a wonderful view of the sparkling sea – the sunsets are magnificent.
  • My name is Lucy.  Having been at the school for almost four years now as a day girl, I can happily say that Roedean has enriched all areas of my life.  There's never a dull moment with the wide range of co-curricular activities, academic sessions, concerts, plays and trips to enjoy.  I am grateful to be a school where all these opportunities are available, but more importantly, I am grateful to be settled in a place where I am fully confident to be myself, feel as comfortable as I do in my own home, and where I have made friendships that I know I will keep for life.

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  • ‘We were delighted with our daughter’s report and had to re-read it to be sure that we had read it right!  She is blissfully happy at school and couldn’t wait to get back after the holidays.  Whatever you are doing up there is definitely working in our household… thank you!’
  • ‘My daughter is settling in well and her non-stop singing and whistling at home is testament to how happy she is!  She enjoyed the team games last Saturday and returned in the evening for the Mamma Mia singalong.  She has immersed herself in the extra-curricular activities and this week has done trampolining, netball, hockey, and modern dance!  She is looking forward to Wildlife Club tomorrow evening and a school hockey match on Saturday.  We are very grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to her, and to everyone who has helped her to fit in so well.  Everyone has been extremely helpful and kind.’
  • ‘Thought I’d drop you a line to share with you a little of what happened on my daughter’s return from her first full day at Roedean.  She walked through the door just before 8pm.  Rather than looking worn out with exhaustion as I had anticipated, she was full of beans and launched herself into telling me all about her day, talking at, I would guess, approximately 97 miles per hour!  She finally paused, while drawing breath, and looked deep in thought.  Next thing, she turned to me and very intently said, “Thank you so much for sending me to Roedean, Mum.”  I thought it only fair to share her gratitude with you as, without the help and support of lots of you up there, my little girl’s experience of starting secondary school would be a whole lot different, and that is not only appreciated by me, but also by one very happy eleven year old.’
  • ‘I have never had a moment’s anxiety about my daughter’s happiness or welfare since she started weekly boarding at Roedean.  I know she’s in safe, capable hands, and I know she is thoroughly enjoying life – probably with a good deal more freedom to “do her thing” than if she were at home.  It’s relaxed, friendly, helpful, and sufficiently hands-off to make my daughter feel thoroughly independent, whilst we know that she’s fully supported.  My daughter tells everyone that she’d rate her enjoyment of life at Roedean at 12 out of 10.  I don’t think you can get better than that.’
  • Just a quick note to say what an absolute pleasure it was to meet you all and thank you so much for ensuring P's first day went so incredibly smoothly.  She absolutely loved every part of it (as did her younger sister, J who thought about hiding in the cupboard to stay too!) and my, what a fabulous first day at senior school!  The smile never left her face, even for a moment.  We are all so delighted P chose Roedean for the next phase of her education and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Visitors on Open DayVisitors:

  • ‘Thank you so much for the Primary Schools’ Science Day – my class just loved it.  Thought you might like to read the feedback from one of our parents:  “Regarding the Science Day at Roedean, my daughter carried the litmus paper round with her most of the weekend and tried to test our food as we were eating it!  She also told her grandparents all about it, explaining about the planetarium.  It was a great introduction to many aspects of Science.” Thank you all.’  Laura Kelsey, Assistant Head – St Margaret’s CE Primary
  • ‘A big thank you for organising the Roedean Science trip on Friday 5th June 2015, which was a fantastic day that offered both children and adults the opportunity to be inspired by Science.  The whole event was perfectly planned, with a great range of activities.  The children have come back inspired:  “It was the first time I have used a Bunsen Burner.”; “I liked looking at the colours when they changed for acids and alkalis.”; “I especially liked Chemistry because my mum would never let me light a match at home! It was really good.”’  Natalie Burley, Deputy Head – Saltdean Primary