Headmaster with students

A Roedean education is a unique and wonderful experience.  The school’s location on the cliff overlooking the English Channel to the east of Brighton, surrounded by the South Downs, affords us opportunities which are unparalleled in boarding schools in the UK.

Coming to Roedean will make you think again about what a school can provide and I am confident that you will be able to picture your daughter thriving here.  The girls play sport with the sea’s blue behind them and the green of the South Downs in front of them, the Maths classrooms have perhaps the best view of any school in the country, and which other boarding houses have been likened to a boutique hotel?  Roedean is unique.

The moment you walk through the door at Roedean, you immediately realise what a friendly and informal school it is.  We pride ourselves on the quality of relationships throughout the school, on knowing each individual, and developing her strengths and interests.  Girls at Roedean have the chance to grow up at their own pace, confident in what they are achieving.

As an academic school, we seek to inspire curiosity and a love of learning in all our girls.  We are therefore committed to ensuring that learning is engaging and involves discussion, debate and the kinds of challenges that fire the imagination and the girls’ curiosity.

We have a vision of education which is holistic, and therefore put a very high value on all the experiences that happen beyond the classroom, in sport, art, drama, music, and dance, all of which make up an essential part of life at Roedean.  It is precisely this rounded education which produces independent and creative young women who will make their mark in the world.

It was our Victorian founders who were in pursuit of the original and placed us in this grand old building, high on a hill. In a time when women were seldom visible in society, they gave us the high ground.  Today, we remain just as reluctant to accept convention. We are the original girls' school.

Roedean is an extraordinary school – we hope that you enjoy finding out about it, but we believe that nothing can better a visit to get to know the girls, staff, and school first-hand.  We hope to see you soon, and we are confident that you will agree that Roedean really is unique.


Oliver Blond