FCO and Service Families

For daughters from FCO families, who may have spent more of their lives growing up outside the UK than in it, the multiculturalism of Roedean makes for a perfect fit.

One Counsellor, recently posted to Riyadh, has two daughters at Roedean: 'Like many FCO parents we have dealt with all kinds of school - nineteen in all in our case,’ he says.

Roedean has been the best example we have found of an international environment, with a real boarding ethos and strong academics. But for our daughters the USP has been the quality and professionalism of the school’s pastoral support. 


Roedean does what all the other schools say they do, but in our experience rarely manage - to look for the best in your daughter and bring it out. They know when to support and when to challenge, and maintain an atmosphere – which is unique in our experience - of strong mutual support between the girls.

Our 492 girls speak 19 languages between them and our staff have worked in countries as diverse as Mexico. Pakistan, Senegal and Sweden.

The Roedean belief, and that of our parent body, is that the world will increasingly see cross-cultural awareness and the ability to work alongside those from different backgrounds as an imperative.

The model of Roedean as an extended family means that we can provide stability and consistency often missing from a nomadic international lifestyle.

During sometimes tricky teenage years, our girls make strong friendships and grow up to appreciate the diverse cultures in the school.

Being close to Gatwick means easy flights home; grandparents also often live nearby - there are direct trains along the coast to towns such as Eastbourne and Worthing.

Naturally, the campus is wifi so contact with home can be as frequent as the girls choose.


Funding for FCO and Service families

At Roedean, we can offer funding for FCO and Service children equivalent to a 20% reduction on full boarding fees.


Clergy Families

In 2009, Roedean merged with St Mary's Hall, one of the country's oldest schools for girls.

Since St Mary’s Hall was founded by the Revd. Henry Venn Elliott for 'daughters of poor clergy', Roedean now honours this legacy by making financial support available to daughters of the clergy.

Not only do clergy families often struggle financially, but there are times when ministers are called to a new parish during their children’s education.

The bursary we received from Roedean doesn’t just mean our daughters can receive the wonderful educational opportunities; it also gives us peace of mind, knowing that should we need to move, they won’t have to. For that we are very grateful.

Local vicar and parent, Hove

Funding for Clergy families

At Roedean, we can offer bursary funding for clergy children in need of financial assistance starting at an equivalent to a 20% reduction on day fees and with higher remission available, depending on parental means.