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Roedean has a number of awards to recognise excellence in a particular field, and these are available to girls joining the school in Year 7, Year 9, and Year 12.  Each year, we attract high-calibre applicants who enrich the school not only in their specialist fields, but also in all areas of school life.


Expectations of Roedean Scholars

At Roedean, scholarships are awarded as recognition of both excellent previous achievement and potential for further development.  Our aim is to provide each girl with the encouragement, support, and guidance she needs to develop her talents and excel in her specialist area.


Our scholars are role models, who always set an example; their diligence and conscientious approach in school has a positive influence on others around them, and their support for their peers is highly valued.  While we do not want our scholars to feel that they must always achieve full marks, we do expect them to apply themselves enthusiastically and try their best in everything they do at school.


The scholars champion the area of school life for which they hold an award, and they are leaders within it.  They are expected to participate fully in the extra-curricular activities of the relevant department, and always to prioritise commitments within school over others, wherever possible.  Scholars in practical subjects are strongly encouraged to take any relevant subject at least to GCSE level, and perhaps also in the Sixth Form.



Roedean is committed to the development of Scholars, through tailored provision and support in their area of specialism throughout their school career.  In return, Scholars and award holders are expected to maintain the highest standards, representing Roedean, in order to enhance the academic, sporting, and creative life of the school.  For more detail about the provision in each area, please refer to the Scholarships at Roedean brochure.


Both Scholarships and Bursaries give financial assistance.  Scholarship awards are given on the basis of excellence; a bursary can be given in recognition of financial need, and can enhance the value of a Scholarship award.


Awards (Years 7, 9, and 12)

You may apply for one of the following three awards:

  1. An Academic Award
  2. Awards in one or two of the following specialist areas: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Sport
  3. Awards combining the above (Academic with one or two specialist areas)

Please click here for an application form

Scholarships for entry into Years 7, 9, and 12

At Roedean, scholarships are available to new entrants to the school in order to recognise academic excellence, and talent in areas of specialism.  They are worth a fee-reduction which ranges from 5% to 40%, and all are awarded based on performance in the entrance tests, assessments if relevant, and interview.  Applicants for scholarships for entry into the Sixth Form also sit a General Paper.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to academically able students, and assessment is on the basis of entrance tests (in English, Maths, and Non-Verbal Reasoning) and an interview.

Scholarships in Areas of Specialism

Scholarships are available in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and Sport.  For each of these scholarships, there is a practical assessment and an interview; ability and potential are taken into consideration as part of the awarding process.

Lawrence Scholarships

The Lawrence Scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships available at Roedean, worth 40%. They reflect the holistic ethos of the school, and they are therefore awarded to students who combine excellence in three areas of school life, such as academic excellence with that in two areas of specialism (for example, in both Music and Art).


Brighthelm Awards (Years 7 and 12)

Brighthelm Scholarships and Awards, which are a combination of both scholarship and means-tested funding, are available for local girls joining in Year 7 and 12 from the state sector and living within a radius of 20 miles of the school.


Year 7

Criteria:  Girls must be in the top 2% of the Year 6 ability range in English and Maths, and be recommended by the Headteacher of their current primary school.

Value:  There are a small number of scholarships worth 70%-80% of the fees, in addition to a number of awards up to 50%.

Process: Assessed in English, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning, with an interview.

Year 12

Criteria:  Girls must have GCSE predicted grades of all A* and A grades. Brighthelm Scholars are highly motivated and academically confident. They are aspirational students with a thirst for scholarship and will be able to demonstrate a positive and flexible approach to learning and an ability to integrate fully into a new academic environment.

Value:  There are a small number of awards worth 100% of the fees, in addition to a number of awards up to 50%.

(100% funded places are subject to means testing and are designed for those families in genuine need)

Process: Assessed in English, Maths, and General Paper, with an interview.  


Key Dates for Year 7 & Year 9
Scholarship Practical Assessments w/c Monday 8 January 2018
Academic Scholarship Examination Day Saturday 13 January 2018
Scholarship Interviews w/c Monday 22 January 2018    
Offers Tuesday 6 February 2018
Acceptance Deadline Monday 5 March 2018 
Key Dates for Year 12
Entrance Examinations and Scholarship Assessments Thursday 16 November 2017
Scholarship Interviews Tuesday 21 November 2017   
Offers made  Friday 1 December 2017  
Acceptance Deadline  Friday 8 December 2017

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