Why choose Roedean International?

Roedean International will provide your daughter with a springboard to success in the British education system, academically, socially, and culturally.  After one year at Roedean International, Moira House Campus, Eastbourne, your daughter will have a strong level of fluency in English, be confident in her abilities, and excited about her future.

What programmes are available?

The Roedean International Programmes are one-year gateway programmes to prepare overseas girls for entry into the mainstream curriculum at British schools.
These programmes are specifically designed for East Asian students, to enable the girls to reach the level of English language required to access the British curriculum:
  1. Roedean Pre-GCSE Programme – for girls aged 12, 13, or 14 
  2. Roedean Pre-A level Programme – for girls aged 15 or 16
The programmes combine an intensive English and rigorous academic curriculum with the Roedean Diploma, which is a co-curricular programme of activities, life skills, and experiences within and beyond the curriculum.
The Roedean Pre-GCSE and Pre-A Level programmes are provided at Roedean International, which is at our Roedean Moira House Campus, Eastbourne. Your daughter’s academic progress and pastoral care will be overseen by Roedean’s Head of International Studies.  Each programme will be restricted to two classes of between 8 and 15 girls.
If you are interested in a place on Roedean Moira House's International Programmes, please contact Alexa Barlow, Registrar, on groupregistrar@roedean.co.uk.