The Roedeanian and e-Roedeanian


We have recently launched two new Alumnae Magazines -  The Roedeanian and the e-Roedeanian. These are available to all ORs, Former Staff and Friends of the School, if you have not received either of these please contact us so that we can add your details to our mailing list.


The Roedeanian, is published twice a year and is sent in hard copy to all those who left in the Class of 1970 or earlier and who are living in the UK, and by email to all others for whom we have an email address. If you live overseas, or left more recently and would like to receive a hard copy, please get in touch.


The e-Roedeanian, is published twice a year in the Spring and Autumn and is sent by email only.


Please click below to see the latest issue. Back issues can also be viewed here.